Titolo 3

The Ship

Fabio Pacher / 29 Giugno 2021 / The Ship

Next morning, I opened the door of my uncle's room. But before he could tell me anything, we heard somebody at the door. I opened it and found a boy outside.' I'm here with a letter,' he said.' And I'm very hungry.'

' Come into the house,' I said.' I'll give you some food.' When the boy started eating, my uncle read the letter. Then he gave it to me. It said: Sir, I am now at the Howes Hotel, and my ship is ready for sea. Do you want to speak to me again ? Tell me today. I talked to your lawyer, Mr Rankeillor. Perhaps we will lose money because of this. Elias Hoseason

After I read it, my uncle said,' Hoseason is the captain of a ship, the Covenant. You and I can go with this boy and see the captain at the Hawes Hotel. I will put my name to some papers. Then we can visit Mr Rankeillor, the lawyer. He knew your father.' So we went. My uncle never said a word all the way. But the boy talked. His name was Ransome.

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