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My Uncle

Fabio Pacher / 25 Giugno 2021 / My Uncle

After a time, somebody turned a key in the door. Then the door opened a little. I moved inside — and it shut quickly after me. ' Go into the kitchen,' said the man. And he turned the key in the door again

I found the kitchen. There was light from a small fire, but no other light. There was a table, with a plate of food and a drink on it. It was a big room, and there were large boxes near one wall. A small, grey man came into the kitchen. He was about sixty years old. He watched me but never looked at my face.

' Who is he ?' I thought.' What is his work here ?' 'Are you hungry?' he asked. 'You can have that food.' ' But it's your dinner,' I said. 'That's all right,' he said. 'I'll have the drink.' He drank, then put out his hand.' Give me the letter.' ' The letter isn't for you,' I said.' It's for Mr Balfour.' ' And who do you think I am ?' he said.' Give me Alexander's letter.' ' You know my father's name ?' I said. 'Of course,' he said. 'He was my brother. I'm your uncle, Davie. So give me the letter. Then sit down and eat.'

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