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The House of Shaws

Fabio Pacher / 11 Giugno 2021 / The House of Shaws

Early one morning in June 1751 I left my father's house in Essendean for the last time. I walked down the road, and met that good man Mr Campbell near his church. 'Did you have some breakfast, David Balfour, my boy?' he asked

'Yes, Mr Campbell. Thank you,' I answered. 'Then I'll walk with you to the river,' he said. We walked quietly for a time. Then Mr Campbell said,' Now, Davie, I've got something for you. It's a letter from your father. He gave it to me after your mother died. Before he died. He said, " Give it to David after they sell the house. Then he has to take it to the house of Shaws, near Cramond. Please tell him that." Here's the letter, David.'

' The house of Shaws ?' I said.' Why did he want me to go there ?' ' I don't know,' said Mr Campbell.' I think your father came from there. It's the home of the family Balfour of Shaws. Perhaps your father came from that family. He never spoke about it. He was a clever man. Cleverer than most village school teachers.' Mr Campbell put the letter into my hand, and I read on it:' To Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws. My son, David Balfour, will give this letter to him.' I was seventeen years old, and the son of a country teacher. I planned to go to Edinburgh. I wanted to be a student in one of the great schools there. ' Mr Campbell,' I said,' do I have to go ?' 'Cramond isn't a long way from Edinburgh,' he answered. ' You can walk there in two days.'

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