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Fabio Pacher / Agosto 2021 / The 'Red Fox'

The 'Red Fox'

The nearest way to Linnhe Loch was to the north of the island of Mull. But the captain didn't know that way. So we went down the west of Mull, and came round the south of the island.

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Fabio Pacher / Agosto 2021 / In the Water

In the Water

We got nearer to the island of Mull, and now there were more and more rocks in the sea. The sea began to move more quickly. The captain sent a man high up on the ship. Suddenly, this man called,' Rocks! Stay away from the land!' But then the wind changed. The sea turned the ship — right on to the rocks! There was a CRASH!

Mr Riach and some seamen ran to the ship's boat. It was in the middle of the ship. I ran and helped them. Suddenly somebody shouted something, and the sea threw the ship right, then left. The sea came over the ship. It pulled me out of the ship and into the water!