Libri e sceneggiature

Fabio Pacher / Luglio 2021 / To Sea

To Sea 

I woke up. It was dark, but I could hear the sounds of a ship in strong winds. And then I knew. I was somewhere near the bottom of a ship, and we were at sea. I hated my uncle! He was a bad, dangerous man — I knew that now. ' I was stupid!' I thought.' What is going to happen to me now?' After some time, I fell asleep.

A light woke me. A small man with green eyes looked down at me.' How are you ?' he said. I couldn't answer. The back of my head hurt, and he looked at it. Then he began to wash it.

Fabio Pacher / Luglio 2021 / The Fight

The Fight

The men outside waited for me, but then the captain came to the open door. ' Stop!' said Alan. He had his sword in his hand. The captain said nothing. He turned and looked at me with an angry face. Then he went away. It came suddenly. There was a shout, and then Mr Shuan was at the door. He fought Alan.

' Watch your window!' said Alan. And before I turned, his sword went through the first officer's stomach. I looked quickly through my window. Five men ran to the other door with some heavy wood. I started shooting at them with my first gun. One of them shouted when I hit him. I shot again, but it went over their heads. But they threw down the