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Fabio Pacher / 11 Giugno 2021 / Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

Early one morning in June 1751 I left my father's house in Essendean for the last time. I walked down the road, and met that good man Mr Campbell near his church. 'Did you have some breakfast, David Balfour, my boy?' he asked. 'Yes, Mr Campbell. Thank you,' I answered. 'Then I'll walk with you to the river,' he said.

Fabio Pacher / 25 Giugno 2021 / My Uncle

My Uncle

After a time, somebody turned a key in the door. Then the door opened a little. I moved inside — and it shut quickly after me. ' Go into the kitchen,' said the man. And he turned the key in the door again.

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Fabio Pacher / 29 Giugno 2021 / The Ship

The ship

Next morning, I opened the door of my uncle's room. But before he could tell me anything, we heard somebody at the door. I opened it and found a boy outside.' I'm here with a letter,' he said.' And I'm very hungry.'

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